About Me

Hello!  Loving my job, I have been practicing massage therapy for 5 years now and decided it is time to be my own boss!  Practicing in a Chiropractic Clinic has taught me an abundance in injury treatment.  I'm told I have a knack for finding and "fixing".  One of my passions is helping people with reducing headaches.  A lot of the time the tension in your neck muscles are causing the headaches!  I will encourage you to do your self care at home, show you some stretches that have worked for others, and do my best to help you heal.  Last year I learned massage cupping, a 3500 year old modality that originated in China.  Some clients love it, some don't, everyone is different and I will work with your preferences.  I look forward to helping you!  My listed rates are for cash or credit cards.  Ask me about billed rates and package discounts!  Car accident and work injury claims accepted.